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Nov 13, 2012 12:00pm CST
. lunchbreak is next. the folks from winnetka's trifecta grill are here with expert tips on pairing wine with food. รบ= in today's lunchbreak. pairing wine with food. mary oneil is the co owner of winnetka's trifecta grill. she's joined by chef juan ruelas. thanks for coming in. all of our items are offered as a bike or a plate portion. >> it has a little bit of a spicier sauce. the salad dressing is a little the sweeter. a great combination. it is a great balance. before we even get into that specific wine let's talk about that little gadget there. >> tell me how this works. >> we have a bac one roomk wine room. >> we have a system, a wine dispensing system. it has 28 bottles in the system that is preserved by gas. >> you do not have to get a full glass. all 28 are available. it is a 1 oz taste. and a 3 oz half a glass or a 6 oz full glass. all these lines that we carry our a little bit higher and. end. that is the benefit. i think with that i would do any of the whites. even some of the letter read. lighter reds. she is plating with the chipotle raspberry glaze. that is the plat,e
Nov 11, 2012 11:00pm EST
. winnetka massena papers, came back. the only thing in my way now as my father's signature. so we're sitting at the dinner -- actually in the kitchen table may deadlocks and indigos would it be done now? as a dad, i want to go to the marine corps. he said you're going to play football yesterday. i said i'm ready to go. he said if you thought about this? i said yeah, the hour drive up there in the allergenic eye. i'm ready to go. some anonymous on the marine corps. june 18, 2006, while i bludgeon is to date will never forget. i shipped off the island and this is where spin the 18th birthday. happy birth day, right? is not as bad as the next three because many team birthday would have been cypress school how we. i was and how weak a sniper school not in training in bridgeport, california. following pairs foundation of north carolina for infantry training. after that i went off to hawaii for the next four years. and this is where i also went to sniper school. so after attending sniper school, quickly shipped off to iraq. i didn't get to complete my tour because i was bitten on my right hand by
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2